About Us


We, Inverika Capital, are the investment solution & facilitation partner of our clients. Our endeavour is to continuously find right products to our clients.

We offer investment opportunities and products in Mutual Funds, Direct equity, Derivatives, Insurance, Bonds, NCDs, Real estate, Loans & structured products.

Besides conventional investment products, we are innovative in customising investment solutions based on our experience in understanding investor perspective & expectations.

We cater to retail as well as high net worth individuals, families, institutions, small and large corporates.

At Inverika Capital, clients are first and foremost. Client testimonies are our biggest earning.

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6 Yard Wonders
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Ramya S Hebbar


We stand for

  • Investor First on our mind
  • Novelty in our products
  • Values in our relationship
  • Efficiency in our process
  • Responsibility in our actions
  • Integrity in our work
  • Knowledge in our field
  • Aspiration in our heart

Srivatsa Hebbar

Managing Partner